Sometimes, you need to delete a document or binder that you no longer require or have created mistakenly. The Delete option allows you to permanently remove a document from your Vault. There is no way to recover a deleted document without contacting Veeva Support.

Admins with the Vault Owner Actions: Power Delete permission through their security profile have special access to delete documents.

How to Delete

To delete content, choose Delete from the Actions menu in the Library or Doc Info page.

What Does Deleting Do?

Deleting a document will:

  • Permanently remove all versions of the document from the Vault.
  • Delete any related notifications, outgoing relationships, and outgoing reference links.
  • Delete any annotations associated with the document’s renditions.
  • Delete any document-level comments.
  • Remove the document from all users’ views, including Favorites.
  • Preserve the document’s audit trail for Admins.

About Deleting Binders

Deleting works the same way for binders and for documents. Deleting a binder does not delete the binder’s component documents.

Restrictions on Delete

There are some restrictions on deleting documents:

  • The document cannot be in an active workflow.
  • The document cannot have any incoming relationships or reference links.
  • The document cannot be in the Steady state.
  • The document cannot be in any binder.
  • The document cannot be checked out, including through Office Online or BEE checkout.
  • The document cannot be under an approved legal hold.
  • The document cannot be referenced in an object record.
  • The document cannot be selected in a document reference field on an object record. Depending on the document reference field’s deletion rules, you may be able to delete referenced documents.

If you do not have the Delete permission, the Delete option does not appear in the Actions menu. All other restrictions cause an error message to show when you delete.

Audit Logs

When you delete a document, you can no longer access the audit trail from the document itself. Admins can access the audit logs from Admin > Logs > Document Audit History.