Using Merge Fields, you can trigger Vault to search within a Microsoft Word (DOCX only) or Microsoft Excel (XSLX) source file and replace certain tokens with field values from the Vault document. Merging fields can make it easy to create templates that auto-populate with details like product name, document status, and version date. You can also use this to add a title page to a document that shows the document name or document number from the Vault.

Merge Fields for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are automatically available in all Vaults. You must configure the feature before users can access it.

Enabling Merge Fields

To set up merge fields, associate the standard shared document field Merge Fields with any document types where the functionality is needed.

You can specify field-level security settings on the document field Merge Fields to limit which users can edit this field.

Finding Relationship & Field Names

The following steps enable you to find the relationship name and object field name:

  1. From Admin > Configuration > Document Fields, locate the field name for the object reference field.
  2. Add document_ before the document field name, for example, product__v becomes document_product__v.
  3. Add r after the document field name, for example, document_product__v becomes document_product__vr. This is the relationship name.
  4. From Admin > Configuration > Objects, open the referenced object and navigate to the Fields tab in the object configuration. Locate the field name for the object field you wish to use.
  5. Add a period and the object field after the relationship name, for example, document_product__vr becomes document_product__vr.abbreviation__c.