Veeva Vault provides a simple, powerful, and secure API (application programming interface) that allows software programmers to write scripts and programs to interact and integrate with Veeva Vault. Using Veeva Vault API, your organization can build tools to import, update, and retrieve documents or object records. Veeva Vault API respects all the same business and access control roles as the Vault UI.

The API can be used to develop custom applications, integrations, or higher level tools such as data loaders for schema visualization.

Developers can consult the Veeva Vault Developer Portal for reference information and details about using the API.

About API Transaction Limits

Vault limits the number of API calls that can be made every 5 minutes (burst). When a Vault has reached the burst limit, each subsequent API will be delayed by 500ms until the burst period has expired.

About Authentication API Transaction Limits

Vault limits the number of Authentication API calls that can be made every minute (burst) based on the user name and the domain name used in the API call. When the limit is reached, the API returns an API_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error message and no further Authentication API calls to the Vault will be processed.

Check the API Usage Logs to determine the Vault Authentication API burst limit for your Vault.

NOTE: Vault only applies burst limits to username/password calls made to /api/{version}/auth and does not impose the burst limit for SAML/SSO and OAuth Authentication API calls.

Viewing API Transaction Limits & Counts

Each API call made to your Vault (Create, Retrieve, Update, or Delete) is counted in the Burst API Count. This count includes the number of API calls made in the past 5 minutes and the total number allowed. This is reset every 5 minutes.

To view this information, go to Admin > Settings > General Settings.