Admins control whether users can view or edit information in their user profile, as well as options such as service availability notifications and Veeva Support access.

Allow Users to Update Their Profiles

Admins can enable or disable the ability for users to update their profiles using the Allow users to update their own profiles settings checkbox in Admin > Settings > General Settings > User Profile.

Enable Veeva Support Section

In PromoMats, Admins can enable or disable the appearance of the “Veeva Support” Section of the user profile with the checkbox in Admin > Settings > Application Settings > User Profile.

Enable Service Availability Notifications

From the User object, Admins can enable users to receive emails from Veeva about planned system maintenance, service disruptions, and other system availability information.

To enable service availability notifications:

  1. Navigate to Business Admin > Objects > Users > [User Name].
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Expand the Email Preferences section and select the Service Availability Notifications checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

Alternatively, Admins can allow users to enable Service Availability Notifications by granting access to the User object. We recommend configuring field-level security on the User object if granting access.

Customize User Profiles

Admins can customize the fields available on the user profile page, as well as choose which notification and email preference options appear. Fields can either be editable or read-only, and Admins can choose the order in which they appear.

To customize the user profile page:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Pages > User Profile Page.
  2. Under Layouts, click into User Profile Layout.
  3. In the section selector, click either General Information, Notification and Email Preferences, or Mobile App Registrations.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. If you selected General Information or Notification and Email Preferences, add or remove items from either the Fields or Read-Only Fields boxes. See details about field permissions. If you selected Mobile App Registrations, select or deselect the Display Section? checkbox.
  6. Click Save.

Note that while you can add any field in the Notification and Email Preferences section, Vault will only display notification fields. Notification fields include Service Availability Notifications, Product Announcement Emails, Favorite Document New Content, Favorite Document New Status, Favorite Document New Comment, Tasks, User Mentions, Shared Views, and Send as Link.

Mobile App Registrations

Mobile App Registrations allow Vault to send push notifications to a device with a Vault mobile application. The Mobile App Registrations section of the user profile is visible by default, and displays registrations established by a Vault mobile application to the Vault web application. Users can manage registrations from this section.

Field Read Permissions

A field added in the Fields is only editable in the user profile if the user has Read permission on the field. Fields that are visible by default do not have this limitation: First Name, Last Name, Alias, Title, Company, Office Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax, Location, Timezone, Language and Locale.