A Vault migration refers to the loading of large volumes of data or documents into Vault using tools such as Vault Loader and the Vault REST API. Migrations can be performed by customers or with assistance from Veeva’s Technical Services team. For large or complicated migrations, Veeva partners with multiple Certified Migration Partners who use validated tools and have experience performing Vault migrations.

There are two common migration use cases:

  • Legacy Migration: When replacing a legacy system with Vault, it is common to migrate data from the legacy system into Vault. This type of migration usually occurs during the Vault implementation project for a new Vault, but can also happen when implementing a new application in an existing Vault.
  • Incremental Migration: Any business event which requires adding new data to Vault may require incremental migration. For example, a phased rollout, system consolidation, or a company acquisition. Incremental migrations occur independent of an application implementation and can affect a live production Vault application.

Learn more about best practices for planning, developing, and executing a Vault migration in the Developer Portal.