Vault Loader allows you to create documents, versions, and assign users to roles with a single CSV.

How to Load Documents, Versions, & Roles

Before loading documents, versions, and roles:

To load:

  1. In the left panel of the Loader tab, click Load.
  2. For the CSV File, click Choose and select the single CSV input file.
  3. In the Object Type picklist, select Document, Versions, Roles.
  4. In the Action Type picklist, select Create.
  5. Select the Document Migration Mode checkbox.
  6. Click Start Load.

Vault begins processing the request. When finished, you’ll receive a Vault notification and email with request details and CSV output files.

Past Versions as Content Placeholders

If the latest version of a document includes a source file, you cannot create a past version without a source file (as a content placeholder).

Preparing the CSV Input File

The first row of the CSV must include document field names to which you will assign values. Subsequent rows represent individual document versions with field values in each column. See example input.

Role assignments must be made in the row that specifies the latest version of your document. The following fields are required in all Vaults:

  • external_id__v: A document and its subsequent versions must be assigned the same External ID. This makes it clear which document a version applies to, since the system-generated ID value for the document is not yet assigned
  • type__v: Document type
  • subtype__v: Document subtype (if one exists on type).
  • classification__v: Document classification (if one exists on subtype).
  • lifecycle__v: Document lifecycle
  • major_version_number__v: Major version number
  • minor_version_number__v: Minor version number
  • status__v: Status to assign the new version
  • (optional) reviewer__v.users: User for the reviewer roles.
  • (optional) reviewer__v.groups: Group for the reviewer roles.

Depending on your values for these required fields, other fields may also be required. You can also configure other editable, optional fields with values.

How to Upload Files to the File Staging Server

Each Vault in your domain has its own file staging server which is used as a temporary storage area for files being loaded into a Vault. The URL of each staging server is the same as its corresponding Vault. Before submitting the input, you must upload all documents to the server.