This article describes the administrative and configuration options associated with binders.

Binder Export

The binder export feature allows users to export all documents within a binder.

How to Enable Binder Export

To enable this feature:

  1. From Admin > Settings > General Settings, click Edit.
  2. Select the Enable binder export checkbox under Binder Options.
  3. If users should be able to set the folder (section) and file (document) names within the binder export, select the Apply user-defined values checkbox. See below.
  4. Optional: Adjust the settings for Maximum characters for exported file name (including extension), Maximum characters for exported folder name, and Maximum characters for exported document path. Vault will automatically truncate any characters beyond these limits on export.
  5. Click Save.

Exporting Renditions with Overlays & Signature Pages

Your Vault’s settings control whether viewable renditions in the binder export include their overlays and signature pages. If this setting is not enabled on your Vault, contact Veeva Support to request it. In eTMF, Study Startup, QualityDocs, and RIM Vaults, this is automatically enabled.

Allowing User-Defined Values in Binder Export

If you allow users to define folder and file names by enabling the Apply user-defined value as folder and file names in export option, users can enter Export Folder Name and Export File Name values for documents and binders. To edit a folder name, users with the Edit Document permission for the binder can access this field from the New Section/Edit Section dialog. To edit file names, you must first associate the shared document field Export File Name with individual document types/subtypes/classifications or with Base Document. Once the document field is configured, users with the Edit Fields permission for a document can access the Export File Name field from the Doc Info page.

How to Hide Binder Section Numbers

If your organization does not use numbers to identify sections within a binder, you can hide them by clearing the Use binder section numbers checkbox in Admin > Settings > General Settings, under Binder Options.

When binder section numbers are hidden:

  • The Number field does not appear when creating a new section in a binder or binder template.
  • The Number value does not appear before the Name value in Outline View or Compact View for a binder or binder template.

About Binders and Document Type Security

Admins can restrict who can create binders by editing the settings for a document type. Users with this access for at least one document type will see the Binder option on the New menu. When selecting a document type for the new binder, users will only see the types for which they have the permission.

How to Set Permissions for Creating Binders

To change the users with this permission:

  1. From Admin > Configuration > Document Types, select a document type and choose Edit Details from the Actions menu.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. In the Create Binder Permission field, enter users or groups who have this permission for the selected document type. All children of the selected document type, subtype, or classification inherit these settings.

How to Enable Binder Thumbnails

Enabling binder thumbnails provides users with a quick, visual way to identify binders in the Library by using a document from within the binder as the binder thumbnail instead of the standard Vault binder icon.

To enable binder thumbnails:

  1. From Admin > Configuration > Document Types, select a document type and choose Edit Details from the Actions menu.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. Under Binder Options, select Display Binder Thumbnails.

Binder Display Options for Unbound Documents

Documents in binders are initially unbound and display the Latest Version available by default. The Binder Display Options for Unbound Documents setting allows you to configure how unbound documents display when viewing and exporting documents from binders.

To configure these settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings and enable Binder Unbound Document Display Options under Binder Options.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Types and click Edit Details on a document type.
  3. Select an option under Binder Display Options: Unbound Documents.

About Binder Templates

Binder templates provide a predefined structure of sections. When you create a binder from a template, Vault copies the template structure to create the new binder. Users can continue to modify the new binder without affecting the template.