Read & Understood workflows include the Read & Understood workflow step, which allows users to assign a document or binder to specific users for review. When users complete their review, they can mark the document as “Read & Understood” and provide an eSignature as proof that they’ve completed the task.

Read & Understood workflows are a part of the Read & Understood feature set, available automatically for QualityDocs and eTMF applications. Organizations using MedComms must enable Read & Understood separately to utilize these workflows and special functions. Contact Support for additional information.

How to Create Read & Understood Legacy Workflows

Workflow creation and management for Read & Understood works in the same way as for other legacy workflows.

To set up a Read & Understood legacy workflow, create a new legacy workflow and set the Workflow Type field in Workflow Details to “Read & Understood.”

The Workflow Type selection enables the Read & Understood task in the workflow, and disables other workflow step types, including state changes, workflow tasks, and user decisions. Once you’ve selected the type and clicked Save in the Workflow Details panel, you cannot change the Workflow Type value.

How to Define the Read & Understood Task

To define a Read & Understood task, populate these fields:

Task Name
Enter a descriptive name for the task. This name appears in the My Tasks list for users assigned to the task and can be used in notification messages.
Send Task To
Select the role that users responsible for completing the Read & Understood task will have. To complete this task, users must have the View Document permission.
Due Date
If there’s a date field on the document or a date control in the start dialog that should be the due date for the Read & Understood task, select that date.
Email Template for “Single Document”
If you wish to send an email notification to the task assignees, select the template. You can manage email templates in Configuration > Messages. This field controls the email template when the workflow is for a single document, rather than a binder.
Email Template for “Binder”
If you wish to send an email notification to the task assignees, select the template. You can manage email templates in Configuration > Messages. This field controls the email template when the workflow is for a binder, rather than a single document.
Reason Code/Capacity Label
Assignees for Read & Understood tasks must provide an eSignature and reason code. Enter a label for the reason code picklist.
Reason Code/Capacity Values
By default, Vault populates this list with one value, “I have read and understand this document.” If you wish to change that value, or provide additional values for the reason code picklist, enter them here.

How to Activate Read & Understood Legacy Workflows

When finished defining the workflow, change its status to Active and create a new user action for each lifecycle state in which the Read & Understood workflow should be available. Generally, these workflows will only be available for documents that are in some kind of approved status that is available in your Vault, such as “Ready for Training.”

When defining the Read & Understood user action, you can make the action conditional based on a given conditions, such as Document Type. For example, users would only be able to start the Read & Understood workflow for documents of a given type.

About the Bulk Email Message

Read & Understood workflows have a setting for Bulk Email Message in the workflow details. When a user starts the workflow via a bulk document action, Vault uses this message, rather than the messages defined in the Read & Understood task, to notify users that they have new tasks.

Vault automatically populates this field for new workflows created after enabling the bulk workflow feature. However, if your Vault has older Read & Understood workflows, you must edit the workflow and select a message. When no message is selected, Vault does not notify users of their tasks when the workflow starts via a bulk document action.

Trainee Role Restriction

When configuring a Read & Understood workflow, you can only assign tasks to the Trainee role. This is also the only role that you can add to the workflow start dialog. Like other roles, you will need to configure this role with permissions and allowed users.