Vault Compare allows you to compare the configuration of two Vaults. This can be helpful when building a Configuration Migration Package or validating that environments are synchronized after package deployment.

Vault Compare

How to Compare Vaults

To use Vault Compare:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Deployment > Vault Compare.
  2. Select a Target Vault. This is the Vault to compare against your current Vault.
  3. Select a Results Type to define what scope to include.
  4. Select a Details Type to define what level of detail to include.
  5. Optional: The Include Documents & Binder Templates checkbox makes document and binder templates available for comparison. Vault does not compare the content of document templates. To exclude these components, deselect this checkbox.
  6. Optional: The Include Vault Settings checkbox makes Vault settings available for comparison. To exclude these components, deselect the checkbox.
  7. Select the Component Types to include or ignore. To filter for specific types, use the Search box. To start over, click Restore.
  8. Optional: Select the Generate Outbound Package checkbox to create one or more Outbound Packages containing components that are different between the source Vault and target Vault or are missing in the target Vault.
  9. Click Finish to start the comparison. This process may take a while. When complete, you’ll receive a notification with a link to download an Excel file of the comparison. If you selected the Generate Outbound Package checkbox, the notification includes direct links to any resulting Outbound Package records, or a link to a page of records if there are too many to display in the notification. If Vault encounters any component or configuration issues, the notification also includes a link to download an error log as a CSV file. If there are pending component updates, Vault places the report request in a queue and sends you a notification. Once component update processing is complete, Vault generates the report and sends another notification.

Source or Target value cells with more than 32,767 characters are truncated in the Excel file.

Results Type

The Results Type selection tells Vault Compare what scope to include:

  • Differences Only includes the differences between Vaults in the results.
  • Complete does not exclude configurations that are the same between the Vaults.

Details Type

The Details Type selection tells Vault Compare what level of detail to include:

  • None shows component-level details only.
  • Simple shows simple attribute-level details, for example, name, type, and label for a document lifecycle.
  • Complex shows simple and complex attribute-level details, for example, user actions configured on a document lifecycle.

Component Types

See Component Types for the list of configuration elements that the Vault Compare feature supports.

Users with the standard Vault Owner and System Admin security profiles have the necessary permissions to use Vault Compare. If your organization uses custom security profiles, be sure to include these permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Admin: Deployment: Environment: Vault Comparison Ability to access the Vault Compare feature.
Security Profile Admin: Deployment: Migration Packages: Create Ability to select the Generate Outbound Package checkbox.