Workflow steps define all the actions within a workflow, whether they are user actions like providing electronic signatures or system actions like sending notifications.

How to View & Edit Workflow Steps

To view and manage the steps in a workflow:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Lifecycles > [Lifecycle Name] > Legacy Workflows.
  2. Click on the workflow name.
  3. Optional: To add a new step, select Create Next Step from a step’s action menu. Note that decision steps do not have these options. Instead, edit the decision step and use the Create Step button.
  4. Optional: To edit an existing step, select Edit in a step’s action menu. Make the necessary changes and click Save.
  5. Optional: To delete a step, select Delete from that step’s action menu.
  6. Vault automatically deactivates a workflow when you edit its steps to prevent changes to in-progress workflows. To make the workflow active again, click Make configuration active in the Workflow Details panel.

Step Details Panel

Fields in the Step Details panel appear for all step types.

Field Description
Name Enter a name for the step. This name displays in the Workflow Steps panel and when selecting next steps. For Workflow Task steps, this name appears as the dialog title in the task completion dialog.
Description Enter a description for the step. For most steps, this description only displays in the Workflow Steps panel in workflow administration. However, the field is required for Workflow Task steps and appears in the task completion dialog as user instructions.
Type Select the type of step. Learn more about these step types: Start, Join, Notification, Decision, State Change, Timer, Workflow Task, File Upload Workflow Task, Read & Understood Workflow Task, End Workflow, Update Document Field. Depending on the selection, Vault displays additional fields below the Step Details panel with options specific to the step type.
Next Step(s) Select from the picklist or enter names for one or more steps that Vault automatically begins when this step completes. Click Create Step to create a new step for selection without leaving the current page.