Vault contains several settings that enable users to work with documents and annotations in various ways.

Configuring Copy Text

You can strictly control which users can copy text from a document on the Doc Info page. By default, users must have the View Content permission on a document to copy text. Enabling stricter control allows Vault to require View Content and one of the following permissions: Download Source, Download Rendition, or Annotate.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings and, under Documents, select Require stricter permissions to copy text.

Enabling Bring Forward Annotations

If your Vault configuration allows this, you can bring forward link, note, anchor, and line annotations from previous document versions to the latest version of the document, dramatically reducing the effort required to maintain annotations throughout a document’s lifecycle.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings:

  • Select Allow users to bring forward annotations to enable Bring Forward Annotations, and then select the types of annotations that users can bring forward.
  • Select Restore placemarks on brought forward annotations to enable automatically-placed note and link annotations.

Enabling Bring Forward Linked Document Relationships

Handling of Linked Document relationships during document versioning depends on your Vault’s settings. This article addresses how Vault handles links if the Bring Forward Linked Document Relationships to new versions feature is on. Otherwise, Vault does not copy the Linked Documents relationships during versioning.

When this feature is on, Vault copies any Linked Document relationships from the previous version of a document into the newly created version. Vault only copies the relationship. Any annotations, including the link annotations that created the relationship, are not copied. Relationships appear in the document fields under Linked Documents.

Select the Bring forward Linked Document Relationships to new versions checkbox.

  • For Platform Vaults: Admin > Settings > General Settings
  • For Application Vaults: Admin > Settings > Application Settings

Link Annotations and Document Links allow you to link to specific pages or paragraphs within other documents, your current document, or to complete documents. In Annotate mode, Link Annotations are visible within the content of a document in the form of a small link icon and a shaded link area. Click the link icon to view the details. You can also view link annotations in View mode. Document Links are visible in the Doc Info fields panel.

Link annotations and document links are available for Vault Platform and all applications.

To enable or disable these features, navigate to:

  • Platform Vaults: Admin > Settings > General Settings
  • Application Vaults: Admin > Settings > Application Settings

To enable link annotations, select the Allow creation of linked annotations checkbox. To enable document links, select the Enable Create & Import Document Links checkbox.

Annotation links in View mode are automatically enabled in your Vault. To disable links in View mode, clear the Allow users to view and navigate annotation links in View mode checkbox.

Links to whole documents are automatically enabled in your Vault. To disable links to whole documents, clear the Allow creation of links to whole documents checkbox.

Enabling Offline Annotation

Offline Annotation is a feature that helps reviewers to be productive while offline, using familiar editing tools. You can export any document, along with any annotations it has, and review offline in your preferred PDF editor. You can reply to exported annotations and create new annotations. When finished, you then import the annotated rendition into Vault.

Multiple users can review and annotate offline concurrently: when they import, Vault adds each new annotation to the document as if the users had annotated through the UI. If any mistake happens, Vault helps users to recover easily with the Undo Last Import option.

You can enable the offline annotation feature from Admin > Settings > General Settings. The Enable Export / Import of Annotations option enables the feature.