When using Vault Loader, the Document Roles selection lets you assign users to or remove users from roles on specific documents.

How to Load Document Roles

Before loading document roles, prepare a CSV input file containing field names and values.

To load document roles:

  1. In the left panel of the Loader tab, click Load.
  2. For the CSV File, click Choose and select the CSV input file.
  3. In the Object Type picklist, select Document Roles.
  4. In the Action Type picklist, select Update or Delete.
  5. In the Key Field drop-down, select the ID field. This option is required for the Update and Delete actions.
  6. Click Start Load.

Vault begins processing the request. When finished, you’ll receive a Vault notification and email with request details and CSV output files.

Preparing the CSV Input File

To assign users to a given role, your column header must include the name of the document lifecycle role and either “users” to indicate that the values are specific user IDs or “groups” to indicate group IDs: {role__c}.{users/groups}. The first column must be the document ID.

id reviewers__c.users reviewers__c.groups editors__c.groups
346 61584, 61531 29 35
320 61584,61531

Retrieving Document Roles

You can see all available roles for a document lifecycle from Admin > Configuration > Document Lifecycles > [Lifecycle] > Roles.

Retrieving User & Group IDs

The easiest way to get the lists of user and group IDs with corresponding names is to extract them using Vault Loader.

Document Role Assignment Rules

Assigning users and groups to document roles is additive in all cases except single-user roles. If you add a single-user role (owner__v or coordinator__c), you can only specify a single user.

Invalid Input

Loader ignores users and groups in the input that are either invalid (not recognized or inactive) or are not allowed users.

Loader also ignores role names that are not available on the specified document.