The Cancel Workflow entry action allows you to cancel a workflow when an object record enters a lifecycle state that requires cancellation, such as Rejected. Once the workflow is canceled, the object record returns to the state it was in before the workflow started. This configuration prevents the need to manually cancel an object record workflow when it reaches a cancellation state.

Example Usage

The Rejected state on the Product lifecycle is configured to use the Cancel Workflow entry action. An active workflow on the Product record is selected from the Cancel Workflow dropdown on the Entry Actions page. When the Product record enters the Rejected state, Vault automatically cancels the active workflow on the record.

Eligible Workflows

An object workflow must meet the following criteria to be eligible for auto-cancel:

  • Use workflow for single object record setting (within Workflow Details) must be enabled.

Defining the Entry Action

The Cancel Workflow entry action requires that you select a single workflow. The workflow must follow the eligibility rules mentioned above.

You can find general instructions for creating entry actions in Configuring Object Lifecycles.