The Business Admin tab collection is designed for easy navigation and quick access to your Vault components and object records.

From the Business Admin tab collection, you can manage object records, templates, and picklists. To navigate to a tab, click its name in the menu bar.

The Business Admin tab collection contains the following tabs:

  • Objects: Create, access, and manage object records. You must have the Admin: Business Admin Objects: Read permission to view and access the Objects tab.
  • Picklists: Create, access, and manage picklist items.
  • Templates: Create, access, and manage templates.

Component Selector

The Component selector allows you to open different pages within the Objects and Picklists tabs. You can choose from the drop-down list or type into the selector’s type-ahead search to filter the list.

Within the Component selector, you can access the:

  • Object record list pages for any object with the Display in Business Admin setting
  • All Picklists page, which shows every picklist in the Vault

Standard & Saved Views

Within object list pages, you can use the same standard and saved view functionality that’s available in document and object tabs. Saved views allow you to save applied searches and filters and return to them easily. Learn more in Using Custom Views. If the object you’re managing in Business Admin has a custom tab, the views you save in Business Admin will not be accessible through the custom tab, and vice versa.


Filters allow you to limit the list of object records. Filters in Business Admin work like they do on document and object tabs. For details, see Filtering on Fields & Roles.

You can complete all steps in this article with the standard System Admin or Vault Owner security profile. If your Vault uses custom security profiles, your profile must grant the following permission:

Permission Access Details
Admin: Business Admin Objects: Read Grants permission to view and access the Objects tab within the Business Admin tab collection.