With Cart, you can quickly create an ad hoc group of documents from multiple filter sets and Library views. From your cart, you can download source files or viewable renditions, or initiate bulk document actions like Edit Fields and Change State. After performing your actions, there’s a quick option for emptying your cart, leaving it ready for the next time you need it.

Your cart serves a different purpose than Favorites, which are more useful for storing a list of documents that you reference frequently. Like Favorites, your cart is specific to you. No other user can see your cart.

To enable or disable Cart download options, navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings.

  • Allow Source Download is automatically enabled in Vault. Deselect the checkbox to disable source file downloads from Cart.
  • Select Allow Viewable/Video Rendition Download to enable viewable rendition downloads from Cart.

When you enable both download options, users can choose which files to download from Cart’s Download button.

When you select Use Export File and Folder Names for Download, Vault names files downloaded from Cart according to the export file name rather than the document’s Name field. If no export file name exists, Vault names downloaded files according to their document numbers.