Vault sends outbound emails from a Veeva Vault domain address by default. You can configure Vault to send emails from customized domains and allow users to change the sending email address to one associated with your organization.

Creating Email Domains

Before creating an outbound email domain, you must create and verify a Root Domain:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Outbound Email Domains.
  2. Under Root Domains, click Add. Access to the Outbound Email Domains page is controlled by Outbound Email Domains permissions.
  3. Enter a Domain Name and a Verification Email.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Check your email inbox for the verification email and click the link.

Once you verify your domain, you can return to Admin > Configuration > Outbound Email Domains.

Once you verify the Root Domain, you can add an outbound email domain:

  1. Under Email Domains, click Create.
  2. Enter a Label.
  3. Verify that the Status is Active.
  4. Optional: Enter a Description for the email domain.
  5. Click the Domain drop-down. You can select an existing subdomain, Create New Subdomain, or Use Root Domain. We do not recommend using the root domain.
  6. If you are creating a new subdomain, click OK and enter a Subdomain. You can create a maximum of five (5) subdomains with one root domain across all Vaults.
  7. If you are using the root domain, click OK.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. If necessary, verify the domain by following the Setup Instructions provided. Verification may take up to 48 hours to complete.
  10. Click OK.

Creating Outbound Email Addresses

After configuring an outbound email domain, you can add an outbound email address while creating or editing a Person record using the Email field. After saving the Person record, verify and activate the email by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Verify Outbound Email. Vault sends an email to the address defined. Click the link in the email to activate the outbound email. The link expires if you send a new verification email.

In some cases, Vault cannot verify the outbound email address because it is not set up to receive emails, such as Contact Support to verify and activate this type of email address.

Outbound Email Domain Migration

While the Outbound Email Root Domain setting is not migratable, the setting is included with Outbound Email Domain records in a full Vault clone, such as when creating a sandbox. If the Vault is not a clone, you must create and verify the root domain in the target Vault before migrating Outbound Email Domain records via VPK.

You can complete all steps in this article with the standard System Admin or Vault Owner security profile. If your vault uses custom security profiles, your profile must grant the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Admin: Configuration: Outbound Email Domains: Read Ability to view the Outbound Email Domains page.
Security Profile Admin: Configuration: Outbound Email Domains: Create, Edit Ability to create and edit Outbound Email Domains.