Share actions define what Vault does with a new file that a user shares to Vault Mobile. You can view, modify, and create new sharing actions from Admin > Configuration > Sharing Actions.

Each sharing action includes the following fields:

  • Label: This value appears throughout Vault and should be easily understood by users.
  • Name: This is how developers reference the action via the API.
  • Status: Whether the action is active or inactive.
  • Description: Optional; a brief description of the action.
  • Mobile Sharing Action: The mobile sharing action Vault performs when a user selects this sharing action.
  • Allowed For: The group(s) of users that can use this share action.

Creating New Share Actions

To create a new sharing action:

  1. From the Sharing Actions page, select Create.
  2. Enter a Label. This automatically populates the Name field.
  3. Optional: Enter a Description of your sharing action.
  4. Choose a Mobile Sharing Action. The only available action available in the picklist is Create Unclassified Document(s).
  5. Choose who can use this sharing action in the Allowed For field. You can select Anyone (default) or Specific Groups.
  6. Optional: If you chose Specific Groups in the previous step, select the groups in Allowed For Groups.
  7. Select Create.

Editing and Deleting Share Actions

On the Sharing Actions page, you can edit or delete a sharing action from its Actions menu. You cannot delete system or app standard actions.