When using Vault Loader, the Document Versions selection lets you upload additional versions (including files) and associate them with existing documents.

How to Load Document Versions

Before loading document versions:

To load document versions:

  1. In the left panel of the Loader tab, click Load.
  2. For the CSV File, click Choose and select the CSV input file.
  3. In the Object Type picklist, select Document Versions.
  4. In the Action Type picklist, select Create.
  5. Click Start Load.

Vault begins processing the request. When finished, you’ll receive a Vault notification and email with request details and CSV output files.

Past Versions as Content Placeholders

If the latest version of a document includes a source file, you cannot create a past version without a source file (as a content placeholder).

Preparing the CSV Input File

The CSV input file must include the following column headers and corresponding values:

  • id
  • type__v
  • subtype__v
  • classification__v
  • major_version_number__v
  • minor_version_number__v
  • lifecycle__v
  • status__v : Specifies the lifecycle state for the document version using the name value, for example, in_review__c for In Review.
  • external_id__v: Optionally, you can choose to omit the id column and identify documents by external id. If both id and external_id__v are included in your CSV, the load fails.

Download example input.

You can find further explanations in Create & Update Documents.