My Vaults provides valuable tools for multi-Vault domains and cross-domain users, enabling you to find documents more quickly and see open tasks across your Vaults. This feature is sometimes called “Enterprise Home.”

Enabling My Vaults

Admins can turn on this feature with the Enable My Vaults Page setting in Admin > Settings > Domain Information.

Enablement for this feature happens at the domain-level. On a multi-Vault domain, that means that all Vaults will have access to the feature. Once enabled, allow 30 minutes for My Vaults to activate.

Admins can add a domain logo to the My Vaults page. Logos display on each tile per domain, and not per Vault. The logo image must be in JPG or PNG image formats, less than 500 KB, and cannot exceed 175 x 70 px in size. The upload fails if the image does not meet any of the requirements above.

To add a domain logo to My Vaults:

  1. From Admin > Settings > Domain Information, click Edit in the Domain Branding section.
  2. Click the Use Domain Logo on My Vaults Page checkbox.
  3. Click Choose to select an image to upload.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Return to the My Vaults page to view the logo.