From within the Admin tab collection, Vault Owners can configure various options for Send as Link. In the audit history pages (Admin > Logs), all Admins can view events related to Send as Link and edit the notification templates.

The following configuration options appear in the Send As Link Settings panel in Admin > Settings > Security Settings:

Allow users with Edit Sharing Settings permission to add users as Viewers when sending link
When selected, users with the Edit Sharing Settings and View Document permissions on the document can send link to any user or group in Vault. Users who do not already have permission to view the document will be assigned the Viewer role. Even if unselected, users who already have access to a document through a group can still receive individual viewer access through send as link.
Allow users to send link to non-Vault users
When selected, users with View Content permission on the document can send a link to any external email address. The non-Vault user is assigned to the Viewer role, but can only access the viewable rendition via the link, which expires after the specified period. No other permissions granted to this role are available to a non-Vault user.
Allow users to give non-Vault users ability to download viewable rendition
When selected, users can allow external recipients to download a viewable rendition of the document. This option is hidden when Allow users to send link to non-Vault users is unselected.

In eTMF Vaults, an additional configuration option appears in the Send As Link Settings panel in Admin > Settings > Application Settings:

Disable Send As Link for restricted documents (eTMF)
When selected, Admins can select Content field values in the Restrict ability to Send As Link where Content equals field. When defined, Vault looks to the Content field on eTMF documents and prevents users from selecting the Send As Link action on documents that match the values defined.

Notification Templates

Vault uses two templates to notify recipients that a Vault user has sent a link. You can review and edit these from Admin > Configuration > Document Messages.

For in-app and email notifications to Vault users.
For email notifications to non-Vault users (external recipients). The Notification Text field is not applicable for this message because external recipients only receive email notifications.

For users to access the Send as Link action, their security profile must grant the Application: Users: View User Information permission. Users do not need this permission to receive document access via Send as Link.