Annotation tags are useful in various situations. For example, you could set up tags to track the status of annotations or to identify the type of review they relate to (Legal, Medical, etc.). These tags can then help users to find, filter, reply to, and track annotations.

How to Enable Tagging

To enable tagging, select the Enable annotation tagging checkbox in Admin > Settings > General Settings.

How to Configure Available Tags

Only users with the Viewer Administration: Manage Tags permission can configure tags. Available tags are the same across all document types and lifecycles.

To add or remove

  1. From inside any annotation, click the Select a tag field.
  2. Click Manage tags to open the Tags dialog.
  3. Optional: Create a new tag by entering the name in the text field and clicking Add. Tag names can be up to 49 characters.
  4. Optional: Remove an existing tag by selecting it from the list and clicking Delete.
  5. Optional: Modify a tag name by selecting it, clicking Edit, and making the change in the text field.
  6. When finished, click Apply. The tag changes take effect immediately.

Note that deleting an existing tag removes it from all annotations in which the tag is used.