Administrators can manage a Vault’s VeevaID settings as well as register new VeevaID users. VeevaID Partners can also register their apps and gain access to the VeevaID API, support, and security best practices.

VeevaID Usage Best Practices

VeevaID is designed for external users who work with multiple sponsors or CROs.

Other types of users who should not use VeevaID include:

  • External users who already have a Vault login. These users should use cross-domain authentication.
  • Internal users within your organization. VeevaID does not allow users with a username that matches the Vault’s domain. For example, VernBio’s domain is, therefore, username domains for VeevaID users in the VernBio Vault cannot be “”. These users should use SSO with your enterprise identity provider to provide the best end-user experience and reduce the number of logins they need to remember.

Managing VeevaID Settings in Vault

Administrators can manage individual Vault settings for VeevaID from Admin > Settings > Vault Settings > VeevaID Settings.

The following information is available on the VeevaID Settings page:

  • VeevaID Name: The name used when referencing the current Vault on the VeevaID portal. This field defaults to the product family name.
  • VeevaID Description: A description of the Vault used on the VeevaID portal. This field defaults to a product family description.
  • Company Name: The name of the company associated with this Vault. This field defaults to the Vault’s sponsor name.

Select Edit to modify these fields. If you attempt to blank any of them, the values are reset to their defaults.

Registering VeevaID Users

To register a VeevaID user:

  1. Navigate to the Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users page and select Register VeevaID User from the Actions menu.
  2. In the Register VeevaID User dialog, enter the user’s email address.
  3. Select Invite User to VeevaID.
  4. Enter the user’s First Name and Last Name.
  5. Select the Language, Locale, and Timezone.
  6. Select the License Type and Security Profile. Vault automatically assigns the VeevaID Security Policy for the new user.
  7. Select Send Invite. This sends an email to the user to complete the registration process. You will receive an email notification when the user has completed their registration.