Vault allows you to track Microsoft Graph API errors generated while using collaborative authoring on the Admin > Logs > Collaborative Authoring Error Log. You can review these error logs and export the full stack trace to troubleshoot the error or send to Microsoft Support.

Reviewing Error Logs

The Collaborative Authoring Error Log shows the most recent errors by default. The log table includes the Username, Document ID, Major Version, Minor Version, Timestamp, Request ID, Collaborative Authoring Action, and Error columns and is not editable. To sort by the Document ID and Timestamp columns, click on the column heading.

You can apply filters to find errors from specific dates, specific document IDs, or an individual user. To apply additional filters, click Add filter; to remove them, click Subtract (-) next to the added filters.

Troubleshooting Errors

While viewing the errors, you can click the Action menu and select Export to CSV to download the full API error log. You can also download the full stack trace of an error by clicking Download full trace on the specific entry in the Error column.

Your organization can supply the request ID for a given error to Microsoft Support to troubleshoot the issue.

Accessing the Troubleshooting Page

You can review errors from Admin > Logs > Collaborative Authoring Error Log. Access to this page is controlled by the Admin: Logs: Collab Auth Error Logs permission. This permission is enabled automatically for System Administrators, Business Administrators, and Vault Owners.