The following are the various actions for which Vault will create an object audit log entry. The label that appears in parentheses is the event key (called “Action” in the exported audit logs).

Vault does not audit individual field values for newly created records. For example, the audit trail for a new Product record would only include a single entry, and the Event Description would be “Product: CholeCap created.” We recommend exporting the current record along with the audit trail to ensure a complete export of all values. When a user deletes an object record, the audit trail captures all field values.

Vault does not update records when a user saves without making any changes. This means that the record’s Last Modified Date is not changed, triggers do not execute, and Vault does not create an event in the object record audit history.

Basic Actions

  • Create Object Record (Create)
  • Copy Object Record (Copy)
  • Create List Property (Create_ListProperty)
  • Edit List Property (Edit_ListProperty)
  • Update Object Record (Update)
  • Delete Object Record Object Record (Delete)
  • Edit Object Record (Edit)
  • Deep Copy (DeepCopy)


  • Add Attachment (AddAttachment)
  • Add Attachment Version (NewAttachmentVersion)
  • Restore Attachment Version (RestoreAttachmentVersion)
  • Edit Attachment (EditAttachment)


  • Launch Custom Action (LaunchCustomAction)
  • Start Event Action (EventActionStart)
  • Complete Event Action (EventActionEnd)


  • Start Workflow (WorkflowInitiation, WorkflowDateVariableCreate, WorkflowDateVariableUpdate)
  • Complete Workflow (WorkflowCompletion)
  • Cancel Workflow (WorkflowCancellation)
  • Assign Task (TaskAssignment)
  • Task Assignment Error (TaskAssignmentOnError)
  • Reassign Task (TaskReAssignment)
  • Assign Task to Any User (TaskAvailable)
  • Complete Task (TaskCompletion)
  • Cancel Task (TaskCancellation)
  • Task Short Circuited (TaskShortCircuited)
  • Add Task Due Date (TaskDueDateCreate)
  • Update Task Due Date (TaskDueDateUpdate)
  • eSignature Completed (eSignature)
  • Add Participant (WorkflowAddParticipant)
  • Add Group Participant (WorkflowAddGroupParticipant)
  • Start Entry Action (EntryActionBegin)
  • Complete Entry Action (EntryActionComplete)
  • MultiDoc Picker Doc Add (MultiDocPickerDocAdd)
  • MultiDoc Picker Doc Remove (MultiDocPickerDocRemove)
  • MultiRecord Picker Add (MultiRecordPickerAdd)
  • MultiRecord Picker Remove (MultiRecordPickerRemove)
  • Batch Doc Add (BatchDocAdd)
  • Batch Doc Remove (BatchDocRemove)
  • Add Matched Document (AddMatchedDoc)
  • Remove Matched Document (RemoveMatchedDoc)
  • Include Matched Document (IncludeMatchedDoc)
  • Exclude Matched Document (ExcludeMatchedDoc)
  • Cascade Document Roles (CascadeDocumentRoles)

Field Value

  • Update Long Text Field Values (LongText)

Custom SDK Actions

  • Update Long Text Field Values (LongText)


  • Start Job (JobRun)
  • Initiate Job (JobInitiated)


  • QMS Notification (IssueEscalationSent)
  • QMS Audit Auto Creation (AuditCreatedFromProposedAudit)