From the Email Notification Status page (Admin > Operations > Email Notification Status), you can view and filter the delivery status of email notifications sent by Vault and export the notification history. Email notifications that are up to two (2) years old are available on this page. You must export the full history to see older email notifications.

The Email Notification Status page shows a table that contains the delivery status of emails sent by Vault. This includes Vault emails that are sent using Vault Java SDK. By default, the table shows the following columns:

  • Send Date
  • Recipient Name
  • Email Address
  • Status
  • Error Message
  • Document Number
  • Object Record Name
  • Subject

You can also add, remove, or reorder columns by selecting Actions > Edit Columns.

Email Notification Status Meanings

The following statuses may appear on the Email Notification Status page:

  • Sent: Vault has successfully sent the email, but it has not yet been delivered.
  • Delivered: The email was successfully delivered to the recipient’s mail server. It normally takes about a day for a Sent email’s status to update to Delivered.
  • Failed: The email could not be delivered. Usually, this is due to an invalid email recipient or domain. You can see more details in the Error Message column. After an email permanently fails to deliver, Vault adds the email address to the Email Suppression List.
  • Blocked: Vault blocked sending the email because the intended recipient’s email address is in the Email Suppression list.
  • Skipped: Vault skipped sending the email because the intended recipient’s Email Preferences are configured not to send email notifications of this type.
  • Pending: The notification is included in a summary email that has not yet been sent. The summary email will be sent in accordance with the settings configured on the Email Settings page.
  • Summary: The notification is included in a summary that Vault has sent. The summary email that includes the notification reflects the delivery status.
  • Sent - Unknown: The email has been sent, but due to a system issue, the delivery status is unknown. A notification’s status enters this state if the delivery status cannot be obtained after 10 days. The email may still be delivered.

Filtering Email Notification Statuses

The Filters area above the email notification status table allows you to narrow down which email notifications you are viewing. You can apply up to three (3) filters by the following criteria:

  • Send Date
    • Is in the last: Enter a number and select a unit of time
    • Is in the range: Select a beginning and end date
  • Email Address
    • Equals: Enter an email address
  • Status
    • In: Select one or more statuses

Exporting Email Notification Status History

You can export part or all of the email notification status history from the Actions menu by selecting one of the following:

  • Export to CSV: Exports your current view including any changes to columns or filters you have applied as a .csv file. This option supports a maximum of 100,000 results.
  • Export Full History: Sends an email to your account with links to zipped files of the entire history by year. This may take some time and can only be performed once every 24 hours.

To access this page, you must have the Email Notification Status permission set. This is included in the System Administrator Actions permission set.