Hide User Information is a method of protecting your users’ identities. With Hide User Information, you can configure your Vault to prevent unauthorized users from viewing user names and identifying details. This hide action only applies to users whose email address has a different domain. See About Hide User Information for details.

Setting Up Hide User Information

Every permission set in your Vault has the View User Information permission by default. To use Hide User Information, you must use custom security profiles and permission sets. Assign users who shouldn’t see user information to a security profile that does not include the Application: User: View User Information permission.

Some Vault features may reveal user information even when a user does not have the View User Information permission.

To support Hide User Information, we recommend that you use the following configurations:

Customizing User Masking

The table below lists common user information and how it displays for users without the View User Information permission. You can load new values using the Bulk Translation Tool.

Value Object Key With View User Information Permission Without View User Information Permission
Display Name displayname_mask__v Gladys Dunford Vault User
User name username_mask__v gladys.dunford vault.user
First Name givenname_mask__v Gladys Vault
Last Name surname_mask__v Dunford User
Email email_mask__v gladys.dunford@veepharm.com vault.user@veeva.com