Admins can define specific colors to use when representing both document and object lifecycle states. Currently, these colors are only used in dashboard charts, but they may be used elsewhere in future releases.

Color coding is based on the lifecycle state label, which is not a unique value. This means that states which share the same label in different lifecycles will share a color setting. For example, Approved in the Reference Documents lifecycle would use the same color as Approved in the Product object lifecycle.

Accessing Lifecycle State Colors

You can review and edit lifecycle state colors from Admin > Configuration > Lifecycle State Colors. The Admin: Lifecycle Colors permissions control access to view and edit on this page.

How to Set Colors

To edit the color settings:

  1. From the Lifecycle State Colors page, click Edit.
  2. Optional: Set the color for a state by clicking on the color square and selecting a color.
  3. Optional: Change the setting back to “Automatic” by clicking Restore.
  4. Click Save.