Search Collections allow you to group specific objects and documents together so that users can perform expanded searches against all of the objects in the collection.

Collections should match the business processes of your organization. When users expand their search, they cannot see any object or document types that have been filtered out, nor can they see any VQL criteria that has been applied to each section to filter out results, though they can sort and filter the search results by object or document section.

You can create up to 20 collections in your Vault.

How to Create Search Collections

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Search Settings.
  2. Click Create in the Search Collections section of the page.
  3. Enter a Label and a Name for the collection. The Label should reflect a specific business process of your organization so that users know what to select when expanding their search. The Label will also appear as the title of the search results page when users execute an expanded search against the collection.
  4. Optional: Enter a Description. The Description appears to users when they click on the question mark (?) icon next to the title of the expanded search results page.
  5. Click on the Object button in the Collection section to add an object to the collection or the Documents button to add documents to the collection.
  6. Select an Object or Document Type.
  7. Optional: If available, select Object Types to filter on.
  8. Optional: If available, you can set the option to allow expanded searches on the collection in the related tab.
  9. Optional for objects: Add up to three (3) relationships to other objects in the collection under Include Related Records. Vault will display any related objects based on these relationships in expanded searches.
  10. Optional: Add Criteria VQL to further constrain the scope of your selection.
  11. Optional: Select the Allow expanded searches on this collection when searching any tab scoped to [the same object or document type] checkbox.
    1. Optional: If you selected this checkbox, select the tabs from which users should be allowed to access the collection in the Tab Assignments fields. This option is only available in cases where the selected object is available on multiple tabs and prevents the same expanded search option from being repeated for multiple tabs unnecessarily.
  12. Click Add to add the object or document type to the collection. You can only add one document type to the collection.
  13. Optional: Add additional objects to the collection. You can add 15 objects to a collection.
  14. Click Save to save the collection.