Admins can create tags to label any document with a topic, category, or any other type of identification. Users can easily find tagged documents by searching or filtering on the tag name. You can apply tags to a document manually through the Doc Info page, or set up automatic document tagging. Users with the Edit Fields role-based permissions can manually add or remove tags, and Admins with the Tags > Read and Tags > Edit permissions can view or edit existing tags, respectively.

How to Create Tags

To create

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Document Setup > Document Tags and click Create.
  2. Enter a label for the tag.
  3. Set the status to Active or Inactive.
  4. Optional: To set up automatic tagging, select the Automatically tag documents with matching phrases in content checkbox. See details below.
  5. Optional: If archiving is enabled, select the Include Archived Documents checkbox.
  6. Optional: If you’ve opted for automatic tagging, set up phrases to trigger tagging. See details below.
  7. Click Save.

Automatic Tagging

Admins can configure tags to automatically tag documents that include specific phrases in the full text content of that document. For example, your Vault could automatically tag documents that include the phrases “side effects,” “adverse events,” or “adverse reactions” with the Safety tag.

Add phrases in the Phrases from Content section. Note that each tag can match on no more than 20 phrases, and each phrase can be no longer than 50 characters. Vault automatically applies tags to existing documents. You can click on Count matching documents to see a count of all existing documents that match a phrase. After an Admin sets up automatic tagging, Vault analyzes and tags documents immediately after file upload.