The Search Settings page (Admin > Settings > Search Settings) allows you to view and manage settings that determine how Vault executes object and document searches. From this page, you can configure:

Match Settings

Strict Matching

By default, Vault applies the following requirements to searches:

  • Searches with one or two terms require all terms in the same field to match.
  • Searches with three or four terms require all but one term in the same field to match.
  • Searches with five or more terms require all but two terms in the same field to match.

When you clear the Enable Strict Matching checkbox, Vault produces less precise search results by requiring only one search term to match.

Smart Filtering

When you enable the Enable Smart Filters checkbox, Vault uses smart filtering, which converts your search terms into filters when they match certain values on a document, such as Document Type or lifecycle state. If you clear this checkbox, Vault always runs your search terms as a standard text search.

Configuring the Default Search Tab

By default, Vault searches all documents in the Library when a user searches from any tab other than a custom document or object tab. To change the default search tab, click Edit in the Default Search Tabs panel. You can select any document or object tab from the drop-down.