The Create button is available in your Vault’s menu bar. This button allows you to create:

  • Documents from files on your computer
  • Documents from configured templates
  • Content placeholders
  • Binders
  • CrossLinks
  • User tasks
  • Object records
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

How to Use the Create Button

The Create button appears everywhere in your Vault except the Admin area. What the Create button creates depends on the context. For example, if you click Create from the Library, it will create a new document. See the table below for details.

You can click the arrow on the right side of the Create button to view the Create drop-down menu and select either the contextual option, Document, User Task, or one of the three most recent Create options you’ve used.

Vault Area Create Button Function
Library, document details, or other document-related page Opens the Create Document menu with the following options:
  • Upload
  • Placeholder
  • Document from Template
  • Binder
  • CrossLink
Report viewer or other report-related page Creates a new report.
Object record, custom object tab, or other object-related page Creates a new object record of the object type on the page. Note that this functionality does not apply on related record details pages and record creation pages.
Home page Creates a new user task.
Other Opens the Create drop-down menu.

By default, all users except Read-only Users can see the Create button on all tabs. Admins can hide the Create button from some users by clearing the Show Create Button permission on the Application tab of the Permission Sets page.

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Application: Create Button: Show Create Button Ability to access the Create button