With controlled document templates, users can create and manage templates using regular Vault documents as the template source file. By creating templates from Vault documents, users can leverage versioning, document relationships, lifecycle role permissions, lifecycle management, and other document functionality.

After an Admin completes the proper configuration steps, users can create and manage controlled document templates from Vault documents. Admins can also create controlled templates directly from Business Admin > Templates > Documents & Binders.

This article explains how to configure your Vault to use controlled document templates. For information about working with these templates, see Creating & Managing Controlled Document Templates.


To create and use controlled document templates, Admins must first add the Template Document Type (template_doctype__v) field to a document type.

Template Document Type is a shared document field that Admins can add to any document type. This field controls the ability to assign a controlled template created from a Vault document to a position in the document type hierarchy. Once added to a document type, the field appears on the Doc Info page for all documents of that type.

About Controlled Template Creation

Vault creates controlled document templates only after the following conditions are met:

  1. An Admin configures the Vault as specified above.
  2. A user with Edit Fields permissions populates the Template Document Type field on documents of the selected type to select a location for the template in the document type hierarchy.
  3. The document enters Steady state.

When the document enters Steady state, Vault creates or updates the controlled document template. Controlled document templates inherit the name of the selected template document. However, Admins can edit template names in Business Admin > Templates > Documents & Binders.

Enabling Original Source Tracking

When users create a document from a controlled document template, Vault automatically creates a Based On document relationship to allow for traceability. If enabled, Vault can also keep track of the original source document with the Original Source relationship.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings and select the Enable Original Source Tracking checkbox to enable Vault to keep track of original source documents. When you enable this setting, all existing documents will have the Original Source relationship applied where applicable.