Vault allows you to quickly upload documents without selecting a document type or entering values for required fields. Unclassified documents are automatically assigned the Unclassified document type and the Inbox lifecycle. Required fields can be left blank when you create unclassified documents but must be populated when you reclassify them to a different document type.

Creating Unclassified Documents

You can create unclassified documents by dragging and dropping them directly to your Document Inbox, or by uploading them via the Create button and selecting Classify later. See Creating Unclassified Documents for more information.

Using the Document Inbox View

The Document Inbox view is only available in the standard document library tab and shows all unclassified documents to which you have access. These documents also appear in other views, but the Document Inbox view must be open in order to select and classify multiple documents at once.

Completing Unclassified Documents

To classify and edit fields on the documents in your Document Inbox, select one or more documents and then click the Complete button to apply a single document type and open the Edit Document Fields page.

Bulk Actions

From the Document Inbox view, you can select multiple documents and perform actions on them simultaneously. The available options in the Actions menu are:

  • Complete: Applies a single document type to the selected documents and opens the Edit Document Fields page where you can populate fields.
  • Detect Duplicates: Checks the selected documents against other documents in the Vault to determine if they have duplicate files. When the check is complete, the view shows duplicated documents with a “Duplicates detected” message. Hover over the message to see which documents use identical source files.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected documents.
  • Disable Bulk Update Fields on Upload: (Clinical Operations Vaults only) Hides the Bulk Update Fields dialog on upload.
  • Enable Bulk Update Fields on Upload: (Clinical Operations Vaults only) Shows the Bulk Update Fields dialog on upload.

The following actions are not available on unclassified documents in your Document Inbox:

  • Add to Cart
  • Archive Document
  • Check Out
  • Create Draft
  • Send as Link
  • Upload New Version


The Document Inbox view offers a limited set of filters to narrow the list of unclassified documents. The available filters are limited to standard, system-defined document fields like Created By and File Type. In Clinical Operations Vaults, you can also filter on Product, Study, Study Country, and Site.

Using the Tabular View

In the Document Inbox Tabular View, you can select documents using the checkbox on the left or by clicking anywhere in the row.

Sharing Settings

By default, unclassified documents that you create are only visible to you and Admins with access to all documents. However, Vault automatically assigns these documents to the Inbox lifecycle, which may include default users for document roles. If this is the case in your Vault, the Sharing Settings panel shows the users assigned to roles on the document.

When you classify a document, you become the Owner on that document. If another user classifies the document, that user becomes the Owner. When a document is classified, Vault removes users from the sharing settings and adds default users based on the document type and lifecycle. This means the document’s initial creator may lose access to the document, depending on your Vault’s configuration.

If you have permission to create at least one document type, you are automatically able to upload unclassified documents.

If you do not have permission to create any document types, you must have the Always Allow Unclassified permission to upload unclassified documents. With the Always Allow Unclassified permission, you can upload unclassified documents, but you cannot classify documents or create documents of any document type. Learn more about the Always Allow Unclassified permission.

To reclassify or complete documents, you must be in a role with the Reclassify and Edit Fields permissions on all selected documents.