Vault enforces certain limits to ensure that users don’t experience performance issues. This page references some of the more common limits a Vault Admin may encounter during configuration and record creation, however it is not exhaustive. Admins should always consult the source Vault Help page for feature-specific limits. Refer to the linked articles to learn more about each limitation.

Limit Name Description Reference
Active User Roles per User Each User record can have up to 15 active User Roles. Managing Permissions with User Roles
Maximum object records per object Each object can have up to 10,000,000 object records. Configuring Vault Objects
Limits for configuring objects All limits that apply to configuring objects. Configuring Vault Objects
Maximum custom object relationships Each object can have up to 20 object relationships. About Object Relationships
Parent-child object relationship hierarchy Parent-child relationships support up to three (3) levels of hierarchy. About Object Relationships
Lookup fields on objects All limits that apply to lookup fields on objects. About Lookup Fields
Lookup fields on documents The limits that apply to lookup fields on documents. About Lookup Fields
Limits for configuring field-level security on objects All limits that apply to field-level security on objects. Configuring Field-Level Security on Objects
Limits for picklists All limits that apply to picklists. Managing Picklists
Time limit for API calls Vault limits the number of API calls made in a five (5) minute period. About Vault API